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Chapter 39: Lost Memories

"I know you, you are the Fullmetal Alchemist! EDWARD ELRIC!"

Isaac then looked at Alphonse and asked, "Wait, so it's not you?" Al scratched his head and replied, "Uh, no, not really, I'm his younger brother, Alphonse." Isaac looked at Ed, then Al, and looked at them again and again for 3 more times.

"But he's a runt!"

Ed's eyes tweaked in irritation, "OH-YEAH?!! COULD-A-RUNT-DO-THIS?!!"

Ed clapped his hands again, but this time, he transmuted a large number of pillars to trap Isaac! As Isaac's squished demeanor was trying to break free, he said, "I heard the stories, but still, I never imagined this! The Fullmetal Alchemist is just a little kid!"


Ed's next transmutation ended up being a giant hand slapping Isaac across the air.

As Ed was steaming mad, Alphonse explained, "You know brother, I don't think he was talking about your height." Ed replied, "...well...EVEN IF HE WASN'T, HE STILL PISSED ME OFF!"

"Be on your guard Fullmetal, the Freezing Alchemist isn't someone to take likely, he's survived the war in Ishbal through his talents and his unpredictable tactics." Hawkeye said as she came out in the open while pointing a gun at Isaac. Mustang looked at Hawkeye and said, "It's good to see you’re alive and well, first lieutenant." Hawkeye replied, "It was thanks to Hughes that I made it out of Bald's sight alive."

Hughes pops behind Roy and surprises him by yelling, "ROY, HOW GOES? Glad I came to help you out with the Freezer, huh? That was one hell of an assignment, but hey, could be your chance to earn that promotion!"

Mustang silently whispered to himself, "...pest."

"Hey dad, so I guess in the end, you were right about Bald being here." Sora said as he walked towards the group. Hughes smiled with great pride and said, "What can I say? I'm good at keeping track with the enemy!" As Sora conversed with the soldiers, Donald and Goofy approached Isaac, and Goofy said, "Well, best we get this gauntlet off before he wakes up."

"That's a good plan Goofy, but after you take the gauntlet, throw it over there and help me tie this guy up, I got to ask him something." Goofy nervously nodded and took Isaac's gauntlet. Donald quickly tied Isaac up and slapped his face, "Wake up scumbag!" The Freezer started regaining consciousness and looked up at the one who slapped him, "...w...what are you supposed to be, Chimeras?"

Goofy replied, "Well, we'd tell ya, but that would be muddling." Donald corrected Goofy, "(sigh) MEDDLING!" Donald looked Isaac in the eyes and asked, "OK, 'Freezer', I got some questions regarding a mouse...a mouse the size of a small child who speaks perfect English, wears a black cloak, and carries a funny looking sword. Have you seen anyone that fits the description?" Isaac shook his head, "Heh, you’re wasting your time duck, I haven't seen anyone or anything that looked like a cross between a homeless looser and a disease ridden rat." Donald grabbed Isaac's collar and said, "WATCH IT YA CREEP! I'm not going to let you get away with saying that about my friend!"

Isaac spoke again, "Don't worry; I'm sure he's out there somewhere, probably being chased by a cat." Donald's anger rose even more as he readied his fist, "THAT DOES IT!" Donald threw a punch at Isaac's face, but was surprised to see a hand catch it; it was Goofy who stopped him. Goofy then pleaded to Donald, "Come on Donald, he doesn't know anything about the president. Let's just hand him over to the authorities."


Everyone was surprised as gunshots were made right between Goofy and Donald's legs!

Everyone looked up and saw a hooded figure with small steaming handguns. Sora recognized the figure, "That hood...wait, aren't you that hooded girl from the train we took earlier?" The hooded girl replied, "Sharp memory, but is your blade as sharp as my eyesight?"


The hooded girl made another shot, this time; it was at Ed's left shoulder! Ed dropped to his knees in pain, "GAGH, Damn it!" Mustang looked at Hughes and said, "Get everyone out of here, we'll deal with her!" Hughes nodded and helped Al carry Edward out. Donald pointed his wand at the hooded girl and said, "That's just plain dirty! The guy's a jerk, but he's still one of our allies!" Goofy then said, "Sora, colonel, we'll hold her off while you get the prisoner and the first lieutenant out of here!"


Goofy and Donald dodged every last bullet and were shaking where they stood. The hooded girl looked at Sora and said, "I knew we'd meet again Sora, but who would have guessed that this was how we'd re-encounter each other?" She then shot through Isaac's ropes, releasing him from captivity. Isaac asked, "Who the hell are you?" The hooded girl replied, "All you need to know is that Cornello is waiting for you in Lior. Take the train and go."

Sora's eyes lit up, "Wait, Cornello? What does Cornello want with Isaac?" The hooded girl didn't reply, instead she pointed her guns at Mustang, "Make a move Keyblade Master, and I kill the colonel." Hawkeye pointed her gun at the hooded girl and said, "Try and you'll regret it." Even though Hawkeye's threat was lethal, the hooded girl wasn't twitching.

"Not just the colonel then, I’ll shoot the Genomes as well." The hooded girl pointed one of her guns at Donald and Goofy, who were too scared to move. Donald realized what she said and asked, "Hey wait a minute! How did you-?" Before Donald could finish, the hooded girl kicked Donald and Goofy towards Mustang.

Isaac entered the train and headed for the front to start the engine. The hooded girl then said to Mustang, "I'm not the type to take hostages, so take your first lieutenant and the Genomes and leave." Mustang replied, "I'm sorry miss, but the man you’re assisting is a misguided State Alchemist, and I can't just let him escape. And if you continue to help him, you'll be involved with his crimes and his actions. And I'd hate to see a pretty young face like yours to be on a wanted poster-."


Mustang saw the bullet pass right by his cheek, leaving a slight cut on his face. The hooded girl then said, "I said, 'take the first lieutenant and the Genomes and leave'!" After the demand, Sora asked, "Well, what about me?" The hooded girl replied, "You stay here until the train leaves. I want to make certain that you don't try anything."

Sora asked, "Wait! I thought you weren't the type to take a hostage!" The hooded girl replied, "You're not a hostage. We have business, and you won't leave until we're done, understand?"

Sora looked back at the colonel, "Sir?" Mustang then said to Sora, "We'll discuss this later. For now, we'll retreat, there's no chance we can make a move with her around. Sora, do whatever you can." After that, Mustang and Hawkeye grabbed and carried Donald and Goofy out of the train station. Sora turned back at the hooded girl, who was suddenly in front of him, "So, how do you feel right now? Scared? Confused? Uncertain?"

Sora quickly backed away when the girl tried to touch his face, "The Freezing Alchemist, he's a sicko who killed one of his own men, why are you helping him?" The hooded girl replied, "Because we need him...just as much as we need you and your Keyblade." The hooded girl pointed a gun at Sora's chest and said, "I don't want to hurt you, just listen to me and it'll be the end of both our problems." Sora was confused, "What do you mean 'OUR problems'?"

"I mean your memory loss."

Sora was startled by what the hooded girl said, "My...memory loss?" The hooded girl explained, "It's just as I thought, you lost all traces of who you were that day." Sora asked, "Why should it matter? I have a good life and a loving family. Whatever memories I used to have don't amount to squat!" The hooded girl shook her head and said, "So you’re going to deny who you are?" Sora replied, "...What I who you think I am."

The hooded girl looked away and said with a saddened tone, "...I thought of you as a friend." She then points her gun at Sora and shot at him, though he was surprised by the sudden attack, he dodged the bullet, but she swiftly shot another shot at him, this time, at one of his legs, but due to his light feet, Sora was able to dodge the bullet successfully!

As Sora was in the air, he prepared to kick the hooded girl while she was busy reloading. She jumped aside after Sora's kick missed her and made a small crater where she originally stood. Sora ran at the hooded girl and swung his sword at her multiple times, forcing the girl to back-flip form every attack.

After she dodged another one of his attacks, he threw his Avenger at her while she was in the air, "Your new attacks are impressive, but I'm afraid..." The hooded girl then grabbed the blade and threw it back at Sora, who rolled out of the way. The girl then continued, "...Your Strike Raid is no longer affective." Then she darted at him and punched him in the face, the attack was followed by her grabbing him by the nose, pulling him towards herself, and finally, kneeing him in the gut!

The hooded girl asked, "Is this the best you can do Sora?"

Sora replied, "No...THIS IS!"

Sora took his Avenger and quickly stabbed the hooded girl through the stomach! The hooded girl looked at the Avenger, slowly took it out of her, to Sora's surprise, and explained, "This is a Keyblade Sora, not an actual weapon. In a fight like this, you have to injure your opponents, 'injure', not weaken them. The Keyblade is a weapon that drains the energy of the enemy, it doesn't cut, it doesn't bruise, and it doesn't help you at all." The hooded girl finally took the Avenger out, and when she did, she stroke Sora's face with it, batting him away like a golf ball!

Sora tried to get up, and then the hooded girl walked over to him and said, "Are you pretending? The Keyblade's damage to your face isn't nearly as painful as the real thing. All I did was drain what little strength you had." she then threw his Avenger back to him, "The keychain, take it off." Sora replied, "...I can't do that." The hooded girl asked, "If you remove the source of the Keyblade's power, then you can finish this fight, so why the yellow stripe, spiky?" Sora took his Avenger and replied, " not a coward, but I'm not a killer either!"

The hooded girl asked, "How do you expect to stop me if you can't use a real sword?" Sora answered, "By fighting the old fashioned way!" Sora proceeded in throwing his sword at her again, and as she dodged the attack, the hooded girl said to him, "I told you, your Strike Raid won't work any-!" but before the hooded girl could finish, Sora tackled her, grabbed her by the waist, and threw her across the air, over the train.

Sora yelled out to her, "If you really thought of me as a friend, then why would you attack me? We met on this train and had a nice talk, we separated in this station, you knew my name, claiming that it was from the newspaper or something, and you hoped we'd meet again. But you shoved me in a situation like this without giving me a good explanation why. And you told me that we were once friends? If you're my friend, then why are you defending a murderer? It doesn't make sense!"

But before anything happened, the train started to move! Isaac finally had the train working and he was heading out to Lior. Sora jumped on the train and held on while trying to open a window to enter. The hooded girl took up her hand guns and pointed them at Sora, "GET OFF THE TRAIN!" As the train left the station, Sora replied, "MAKE ME, YOU LYING PSYCHO!"

The hooded girl held her guns at Sora's head while he was trying to enter the train, but when she was about to shoot...

Come on Sora, it's time to go home!

But I heard you were looking for this shell!

Huh? What shell?

This one, it's a Thalassa Shell.

The hooded girl was unable to pull the trigger on him, "You really don't remember me, or your past, thank goodness. Someday Sora, I'll tell you everything about the days we spent together...and how sorry I am." As she watched, Sora finally opened the window and entered the train. As he went inside, Sora said to himself, "Alright, I'm in! Now to track down that brain-freezing freak and throw him back in prison!"

Meanwhile, Alphonse was trying to stop the bleeding in Edward's shoulder. Al looked at Hughes, Donald, Mustang, Goofy, and Hawkeye, and asked, "Does anyone have a rag, a towel, anything? I have to cover the wound before it gets infected!" Hughes sighed and said, "Here Al, use my tie." As the younger brother tried to cover Ed's wound, Mustang heard a steam engine of a train! Donald grabs Goofy by the collar and walks toward the train station, "THAT DOES IT! Goofy, we're going in, and dragging that 'Smug Snowstorm' and the 'Hench-witch' out of there before they give us the slip!" Mustang looked at Hawkeye and said, "First Lieutenant, call for backup! We have to stop that train from leaving!"

As the colonel followed the Genomes, Hawkeye went to a nearby telephone booth and called the military for assistance, but she looked back at the station and thought to herself, Colonel, please make it out alive.

End of Chapter 39
"A State Alchemist is in need of protection, so the State hires a child trained for combat and protection to look after the alchemist no mater what. They will face dangerous obstacles, sinister enemies, and uncover secrets that could change the world..."

Last time, In order to save his subordinate, First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, Colonel Roy Mustang brought the leader of the Eastern Liberation, Isaac McDougal, to the man who held Hawkeye hostage, Bald. But instead of trading their allies, Bald threatened Hawkeye's life if Mustang wouldn't take the restraints off of Isaac's hands.

Outside, Sora, Donald, Goofy and the Elric Brothers finally reached Bald's hideout, the Eastern Train Station. As the party approached the station, Sora asked Ed to examine his right hand to see what Xehanort used to make the Golems attack his right hand. But to their surprise, Crimson appeared and answered their question, Xehanort used a small ingredient of the Red Stone to lure the Golems to the Keyblade Master's hand. When asked about what ingredient was, Crimson was silent. But he presented Sora with a position in his army instead, telling him that through Crimson's teachings, Sora could become a stronger wielder of the Keyblade. Of coarse, Sora refused the mysterious Golem leader's invitation and proceeded onwards with his friends.

When Sora and the Elrics came inside the train station, Mustang had already freed Isaac. But while Bald laughed in victory, Hughes had succeeded in releasing Hawkeye from her capture. But another surprise awaited the heroes, Isaac wasn't pleased with Bald's cocky attitude, and so he killed him for it with his own Ice Alchemy by freezing Bald and shattering his corpse to pieces! This lead to Sora and the Elrics attacking him before he could make his escape. As Isaac attacked Ed with his Ice Alchemy, he found out that Ed had an automail arm, and so, his alchemy was useless on it. Then he realized who he was fighting...

Warning: Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist are both licensed by Square-Enix. The secondary licenses for both franchises are Disney (Kingdom Hearts), Aniplex, Bones Inc., and Funimation (Fullmetal Alchemist).

PS: There will be spoilers.

Next Chapter: [link]
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